Monday, September 17, 2007

This should be a picture of ice cream

I'm not an impulsive person. Well, perhaps about ice cream flavors, but that's it. And that's for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I tend to take a while to make decisions and, of course, obsess over them afterwards. It's called peaceful living and I highly recommend it. It may be one of the possible causes of my headache but whatever.

Anyway, again.

Above is an example of why I'm never impulsive.

See, it was during one of the headache weeks. And the carpet in the dining room has always bugged me. It's the only room in the house with carpet. It's ugly and yucky and useless but it's just a rental and who cares and so it has been a low-grade bug.

Until that fated day during one of the headache weeks. I tripped on the little edge of the carpet that had worked its way out from under the metal carpet holder down thingy. About 4 times. In one day. And that was it. I just grabbed that little piece and started ripping.

The good news is that I'm no longer tripping. Well, actually, I am, but only from the fumes of the carpet backing remover chemical thingy I'm now having to apply all over the floor to loosen up all the gluey foam residue so I can scrape with the scraper pictured above.

Again, impulsiveness should be limited to ice cream flavors.


beth said...

The good side is now you can put the floor or carpet down that you like!

Lorraine said...

What Beth said. Once those fumes subside you can begin to create that dining room we were talking about. Even if it's "just a rental", you deserve to have a nice space.

Also, please explain why the French feel compelled to glue carpet to hard wood floors.

Doc said...

I see IKEA!!! in that picture! Do I get a bonus point?

Good luck scraping. We had the fun of ripping fifty year old vinyl up a few years back--my in-laws just HAD TO SAVE case--like are they going to put it back down once we leave? Between the fifty year old newspaper glued to the floor with mold and the rest of the crude underneath, I can totally related to what you're feeling.

Strength, darlin'.

gina said...

Yesterday, I impulsively bought Haagen-Dasz Creme Brulee flavored ice cream - two cartons of it! I also impulsively bought Ben & Jerry's Brownie Batter and one other flavor I can't recall. I agree, impulsiveness should be limited to ice cream flavors.

I do think doing away with the carpet in the dining room will be the best impulsive thing you've done all year, though. We did that about 5 years ago, replacing it with laminate, and I couldn't be happier!

Nicole said...

Beth and Lorrain - yeah. I know. It's just a lot of scraping between me and a nice floor.

Lorraine - I have no idea. I've never seen anything like it.

Doc - You do get a bonus point - we have three of those stools and I bet you do too.

Gina - Exactly what I'm talking about.