Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Against the wind

I may be fooling myself. It wouldn't be the first time.

But I currently believe that there are times when the only solution to whatever ails is to be still and just let the world rearrange and reshape. To do anything else, to force anything, would just be counterproductive.

Last night at dinner, I learned a great new expression that perfectly illustrates my point.

Qui pisse contre le vent, se rince les dents.

He who pisses against the wind rinses his teeth.


kingba said...

Ah poetry!...... even "organic", no better way to hold on against the wind and whatever flies in it. Thank you, Nicole, for teaching us all about this parallel world...

Eric said...


Nicole said...

kingba - organic - perhaps another translation for whole?

eric - I knew you'd like it!

Lorraine said...

I do think there are times when that sort of sitting still and letting things arrange themselves works. And when it doesn't, you usually know it.