Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And speaking of working on a building

It's school vacation again. The boys don't have school this week or next. They're with me this week - I don't have classes either so we're sleeping late and reading a lot and have finally undertaken to complete (and start) the gingerbread house.

We baked off the four walls and the roof pieces yesterday. Today will be dedicated to assembly and decoration. Think buttercream icing and candies.

And then think about what my house smells like.

Sugar and spice. Exactly that. Molasses and ginger.

Boy2 was concerned that we weren't doing this at the right time of year - Christmas being past. I told him it's still winter and gingerbread houses are a winter thing, not necessarily a Christmas thing. Which he readily accepted as a good rationale. Especially considering that the only other option was to wait until next Christmas. When I offered that as an (unlikely) alternative, he said, "Are you kidding me? No way."


The Idle Devil said...

Cool! Would love to see a picture of it once you're all done. Enjoy!

beth said...

I love gingerbread houses! I have never made one from scratch though!

Peggy ritchie said...

We've made gingerbread Easter houses, Spring gingerbread bird houses, Hallowe'en houses. Gingerbread houses are good anytime.

Nicole said...

TID - I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Beth - You should give it a try.

Peggy - I want to live at your house.