Monday, July 20, 2009

Laval en terasse

So, technically, it's summer. And some days, it even feels like summer. This weekend felt a bit more like early autumn and that's my favorite season so even that was ok. The rain, well, that's another story. Anyway, every restaurant that can has got a few tables outside. The result ranges from silly to odd to cool, depending.

The thing is, they kind of have to. When it's nice out, or even vaguely nice out, everyone wants to eat outside. Restaurants that have no outdoor seating suffer during the season unless they've got something really amazing going on in the kitchen and that's pretty rare in Laval.

I wouldn't sit outside at La Villa B, it's a little raised deck sitting on what is normally a parallel parking spot. I think I'd feel like I was having dinner in a parking lot. There's another deck at Le Petit Vénérand, which blends in a little better because it's on a cobblestone street that's mainly for pedestrians but it's very small - maybe 3 or 4 tables. I've eaten outside at Le Milord- they've got a patio in front of the restaurant with a dozen tables - it's nice, you feel neither on display nor parked.

To be honest, I actually prefer to eat inside anyway. I'm not sure why.


knavak said...

Sounds like the opposite phenomenon from here... at this time of year, everyone wants to eat inside and the terraces all sit vacant. We have had absolutely dreadful weather including something like 8 days in a row with highs over 100 in the month of June.

I am rather strongly looking forward to Fall and being able to eat a nutella-strawberry crepe at a table outside my favorite houston creperie. (yeah, there is more than one... at least i think so).

Nicole said...

knavak - air conditioning changes everything. Well, crêpes too.