Thursday, October 15, 2009


Prepared to work, even to struggle, this is familiar to you. Prepared to wonder, worry, wish - those too.

You are taken aback, maybe even 2 steps, when a flash of complete satisfaction, despite the missing parts and unsolved equations, is upon you. Incomplete paths and misguided choices mean nothing here, which also surprises you. Their presence is usually so central.

Brief and alone moments, suspicion used to file away the memory of their existence as day dreaming once they were gone.

Now you look for them and wait, will, want. For them to string together, a necklace you will wear.


JMH said...

It's Sunday night here. The Bears lost, and I'm sad.

Please don't feel obligated to answer or answer precisely (my answer is "I don't know, it makes me feel less bad.") but I'm curious, I'm always curious about this. Why do you write?

philippe said...

c'est également l'une de mes principales interrogations. Est ce une psychothérapie de longue durée que tu t'impose ou est ce une démarche purement intellectuelle ? a ce propos, quel est le profil de tes études ? je suis bien curieux, pardonnes moi

Nicole said...

JMH - Sorry about the Bears.

Philippe - A propos de mes études - j'ai un bachelor de français, un masters de romance linguistics et un autre masters d'anglais. Ce sont des diplômes qui, soyons claires, ne servent à rien du tout dans la vie professionnelle...