Wednesday, January 06, 2010


You have been welcomed home. There's a wreath on the door, crystals that shine even when it's cloudy. There's a fire inside, you can see the smoke coming out of the chimney. A light is on. You do not know who is home or what they are doing - maybe reading - but you do know you'll go inside.

You don't knock, why would you? This is your home now.

The first thing they say to you when you walk through the door?

Lay down your troubles.

And you do. You lay them down, suitcases of suffering you leave at the doorway. They disappear as you walk towards the kitchen.


JMH said...

Elegant, comforting.

Nicole said...

Where's the elegance? Show me show me so I can use it again.

Susan said...

I agree with JMH, the elegance is in the picture that you paint with your words, and the image that gets invoked in the readers mind.

Thank you

Nicole said...

Thank you Susan. Are you a Susan I know?

Susan said...

No, But I have left a comment before, re my friend who lives in Laval as well. :-)

JMH said...

I guess I use elegant as a scientist would use to describe a theory -- that is to say that all of the words, the sentences, the paragraphs (the elements), work together to produce a pure emotional state. It seems simple even though it is not.

This one I liked in particular, being a domestic sort of man, a homebody, but I think most if not all of your posts embody that characteristic.