Wednesday, June 09, 2010

On being a woman

In France.

Honestly, in some respects, it's easier here. Less...nonsense. Really, I have no other word for it. And more good sense.

And any place that considers wearing nice lingerie a sign of self-respect and not just about pleasing the man who's going to see it is my kind of place.

I don't ever hear anyone talking about age-appropriateness. You either look nice or you don't. I've seen 60 year old women here in short skirts that look elegant and attractive. Their age is not a factor in what they choose to wear, although the shapeliness of their legs most definitely is.

And while I would not say that women have achieved equality here, far from it when it comes to pay, I would say that they have had to make fewer compromises on their way. Equal doesn't mean same here, it just means equal.

Decent maternity leave, parental leave if you want it, Wednesdays off to be with your kids - not everyone can manage the last two, but every woman gets the first. And ten postpartum physical therapy sessions, paid for by social security.

I like being a woman here.


The Girl from Lokhandwala said...

Sounds like my kind of place too!

Anonymous said...

I like your new picture. You look happy. And, cute too.

aarkay said...

Nice post, as you like being what you are !

Reb said...

Hi Nicole, catching up on some long lost blog reading. I love visiting your blog. this post really speaks to me which is why I'm leaving my comment here in June 2010 rather than in January 2011 And some of the other ones from the past few months that I've missed! Glad to see you've made changes and change is a good thing(I hope).

Nicole said...

Thanks Reb! The changes are good :) I hope you are well.