Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hear this

Be quiet and write, she said.

Tell the tales of how you won, battles and wars of epic scope. Tell the stories, the ones we all know but never say out loud. Stories of silent violence, purple rivers of blood and truth in every bruise you wear. Tell the family history, more darkness there than any one generation could bear, an ivy that climbs and clings and slowly tears down the walls. Tell the story of every bridge you burned, every boundary you crossed.

Acknowledge error of perspective and translation. Blow the candles out when you’ve finished. Words, once spoken, once written, are no longer yours.


Anneyeassay said...

i love reading this... beautifully written..

Nicole said...

Thank you.

TennisActu'z said...

Come here please and lay in your favourite, see you ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, tell those stories. You think that your stories are quiet, nothing special, not earthshaking.....

....and that is the only real misjudgment that I have ever known you to make, if my understanding above is correct. Muriel Rukheyser (I think- though I am sure i have her name wrong, because I am lousy at names, too) said (and I paraphrase) that "if any one woman told the truth about her life the world would split open."

You are one of those oh so rare people who can indeed tell the truth about her life. and can change the world, for the better, in the process.

I never have said anything like the previous and following to anyone and probably never will again. You have the kind of words in you which could live long, long, after your body does: and the talent to birth these stories out too. The world will be a poorer place if you do not continue to share them and tell those stories. I know you are working on it, but you will see that I am right, one day...if you do not see it already. :) I look forward to seeing those stories told in full one day. My joy for you would be enormous....

have a marvelous day and take good care of YOU! Pardon if the above is pretnentious, it has been one of those weird months/weeks/lifetimes... heh.

Your friend,