Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Over the top

Or we could call this


Pastel streets lined with orange trees.  Orange trees with actual oranges on them.  Although they might have been clementines.  So maybe citrus-lined pastel streets is the best way to describe it.

Monte Carlo felt like Vegas if it were owned by Disney.  Or like Candyland for very rich adults.


The coastline was beautiful and made everything next to it look like it was made of marshmallows.  And that is exactly what I needed to see.  A reminder of what is real and what is not.   


Anonymous said...

You're still Nicole at heart. thanks for being you.

Life (as) I see... said...

Loved reading your French story. So everyday, yet so beautiful.

JMH said...

Nicole, you still around?

Nicole said...

@Anon - love to you
@Life - Thank you!
@JMF - trying with little success