Saturday, November 15, 2014

time of death

Another day, another sword.  Battle ready and poised to strike.  Rubies and sapphires in the hilt, their color drawn from blood sought and shed, truth sought and found.  The shine of this sword is no accident, nothing is.  A mirror image, so nothing can be hidden.  Remember that. 

Do you know what it means to carry blood and truth in your hands?

You have no power here.  Pretty is as pretty does so I'll whisper it.  A whisper is the pearl necklace of truth.  And whispered, it is still true. 

You have no power here. 


Alison said...

You kill me. Every time.

Nicole said...

Miss you Alison.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, have you moved? Happy bd is I forget.

Nicole said...

We moved to Luxembourg in September of this year. Birthday week celebrations have started and first birthday dinner is tonight! Thank you ~