Monday, April 24, 2006

Half-American, Half-French

Saturday, the four of us had lunch at a little restaurant a few blocks from our house. We sat down at a table outside and started to look at the menus. Actually, husband and I looked at the menus, Boy2 rearranged his baseball hat (Cubs, of course) and sunglasses (Winny), and Boy1 played (and dropped on the ground several times) with a red car he got in an Easter egg.

We ordered, got beverages, relaxed in the sun and enjoyed one of the first warm spring days we've had this year.

On our right was the river that runs through the middle of town and on our left, the back wall of the castle.

Husband says to Boy1, "Isn't it cool? We're having lunch right by the castle."

Boy1, looking totally unimpressed, replies, "Why? It's just a castle. But I 'm so excited they have McNuggets on their kids' menu."

Just a castle? My 5 1/2 year old American child said just a castle? No, my husband's 5 1/2 year old French child said just a castle and my American child said McNuggets. That is not what I call the best of both worlds.


zeb said...

It does not matter where they are from McNuggets are McNuggets. At 5 1/2 I don't think either of us would have cared about a castle!!!

Lorraine said...

I ate next to a castle once. I was very impressed.

I don't even know what to say about the McNugget thing....

christi said...

i can TOTALLY picture him saying that..was he eating ketchup with a fork too?