Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tome 2 of things I've learned

1. It is possible to be too sad.

Yesterday, Boy2 and I took a nap together. He usually takes a nap on his own but he had dozed in the car on the way back and I was worried he wouldn't take one at all. So I offered to take one with him. He sweetly accepted. On the way to bed, he got a big splinter in his big toe. That I couldn't get out. I told him sleep was the only solution (I was REALLY tired). We got into bed and I said, "Do you want to snuggle for a while?" He looked at me with stricken eyes and said, "No, I'm too sad to snuggle."

2. It is possible to be too polite.

In the middle of said nap (which lasted 2 blissful hours), I woke up enough to roll over and sneeze quietly. Boy2 was curled up against me, his head against my shoulder. Without opening his eyes or even waking up, he whispered against my skin, "Bless you, Mama."

3. Road signs are sometimes very profound.

On the way to a historical theme park, I saw a sign on the highway that said:

Conduite souple.
J'économise et je pollue moins.

Which could be translated in two ways. One literal which I won't bother giving because it's not very interesting, although I am curious to know how one might define flexible driving. And the other:

Flexible behavoir.
I save and I pollute less.


charlie said...

Somewhere in there, Nicole, there is a golden nugget of Franglais wisdom. I hope your boys note it bien.

beth said...

Yes, it is possible to be too sad and too polite - and sometimes both at once. My littlest one just spent three very long and terrifing (sp) days in a Childrens hospital with me at her side the entire time. Thus, I was too sad - when I got home my oldest who has never been away from me that long ran into my arms, hung on to me for dear life and said "I love you mommy" too polite.

ps-Zeb - thanks. glad you liked to photots of my babies.
Christi - Happy belated birthday - 25 is a fantastic age - live it up!

Legal Alien said...

Okay, man tears over here. Somebody put The 13th Warrior in the DVD player.

Nicole said...

Charlie - Me too.

Beth - send me an email with info.

Pat - Watch all the actionman stuff you want. We all know the truth. You're one of the good guys.

beth said...

Pat - man tears are good!

Grish said...

Pearls to light the day...