Monday, September 11, 2006

La Cantine

Today was the first day the boys had to eat at the cafeteria. Boy2 cried a bit, but I don't think it was because of the food.

Today's menu was as follows:

First course - grated carrots with lemon vinaigrette
Second course - shepard's pie
Cheese course - a wedge of tome de savoie with baguette
Dessert - a plum and a pot de crème à la vanille

Not bad for a cafeteria meal.

Interestingly, it's la semaine du goût this week. Which I never really notice other than to hear it spoken of on the radio. I guess it's supposed to be a week where we are to be reminded to not fall into a food rut, to try new things, to strive for excellence in the foods we prepare, and appreciate quality. All of which are noble things to do.

Even more interesting, flavor week is ended (this weekend - because here the week starts on monday, not on sunday), by les journées du patrimoine. Two days a year, castles and manors and private parks (that are not open to the public) open for all to see and admire.

A week of delicate feasting for the palate and stomach followed by two days of historical eye candy. What a perfect dessert.


beth said...

Do you the school would allow me to eat lunch with your boys?

Lorraine said...

Grated carrot with lemon vinegrette. I have to try that.

charlie said...

I love France. I love the French. I love Flavour Weeks. Lucky boys, in more ways than one. CBW

Legal Alien said...

We have the World Dairy Expo coming up.

For some reason, your stuff sounds nicer . . . .

Sarah said...

I wish I were in France right now!

I too am amazed by the quality of French cafeteria meals. When I studied at a French university, I thought the cafeteria there was a lot better than the equivalent back home (plus we could get beer or wine for lunch--try that in an American dorm cafeteria!). But even more impressive are the meals from a Moroccan cantine that a friend's daughter attended this past year; you can see some of their menu on my food blog at

Grish said...

I'm with Charlie, France is awesome. :P

Nicole said...

Beth - A guest eater. I like that.

Lorraine - I think there was some cumin in it too.

CBW - Why don't you and Sensible1 bring Amy on over for a visit?

LA - Actually Pat, I really miss sharp Wisconsin raw milk cheddar.

Sarah - You hava a food blog too? What a renaissance woman.

Grish - Well, yeah, except for the strikes and the crazy drivers.

Sarah said...

Well, it's a co-authored food blog. Really, I'm only a third of a Renaissance woman.