Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm sick as a dog and have nothing interesting to say

Boy2 is 3 years old. He'll be 4 in September.

His only regular sources of English are me, Boy1, and animated pictures.

All of this had led to a slightly quirky variety of 3 year-old English.

For example.

This morning, while Boy1 was at sports activity, Boy2 and I went out for beverages. Surprise, surprise.

I was looking for a parking place. Boy2 said, 'I've spotted one, Mama. Over there."


"No, Mama, I'm actually just teasing you."


Later, at the café, I noticed some chocolate on my arm. Given the fact that I'm not currently eating chocolate, I asked Boy2 why I had chocolate on my arm.

"Cause I eat like a little pig."

Actually, that's true.


zeb said...

I thought you gave up "beverages". I will make sure that boy2 gets some real good language lessons this summer.

beth said...

I love the honesty of children! Did beverages include your forbidden beverage. . .by the way how is that going - any breakdowns yet?

Nicole said...

Zeb and Beth - oh thanks, both of you, for the vote of confidence. I've been utterly successful with the chocolate and I've cut way back on the coffee. Of course, as a reward, I've got the worst cold sore throat snot infested virus ever.

beth said...

I remember that virus - we had it in March! So, what is you beverage of choice now?

Lorraine said...


Carter-Ann said...

Oh the language thing is so funny. I grew up in France too, with American parents and I get teased all the time for my weird Frenchisms.

zeb said...

Nicole- off topic, is the new president a good thing or a bad thing.