Monday, May 14, 2007

Borrowing more trouble

But it's not me this time.

I got a newsletter from my co-op last week. Announcing that they would be phasing out over the next month all products made by Sanoflore. Which is a little company that sells organic essential oils, flower waters, and skin care products. Why are they phasing out these products? Because Sanoflore has been bought by L'Oréal. Now I get that L'Oréal is a giant and has historically a bad reputation for animal testing and other unethical practices. But I still think it's kind of premature. Don't you think they should wait for them to screw with the quality or drop the organic label or exploite small farm-owners before they take action? Preemptive strikes are less and less popular these days. Just ask Bush.

Along similar lines, there were demonstrations and strikes last week against the new-but-not-yet-sworn-in-president-of-France, Nicolas Sarkozy. Students in a Paris univeristy were striking against against potential changes in the French university system. Seriously, I'm thinking he should at least be sworn in before they go on strike. Or jeez, maybe they could actually wait until he tries to pass a law or make a decision . But I'm just old-fashioned that way.


beth said...

France is sounding more and more like the states!

Lorraine said...

Silly rabbits.

zeb said...

I too am troubled when my Coop has issues, I so feel your pain.

Bad Alice said...

I would like to take pre-emptive sick days, to avoid the possibility of getting sick in the future.

Nicole said...

Beth - maybe for the borrowing trouble part but not for the striking part. It's an art form here.

Lorraine - Tricks really are for kids.

Zeb - I'm gonna kick your ass when I see you.

Bad Alice - My mom was in your situation earlier this year and I realized how much it really sucks being sick in the US. While the quality of care may be good, sick leave isn't. Here you'd have a minimum 6-month paid leave funded by the government.