Monday, March 03, 2008

Dinner last night

Boy2: Mama, what does pitch in mean?

Me: It means to help, to contribute.

Boy1: What does contribute mean?

Me: To give time or energy or money or effort towards something. So, who wants chocolate sorbet and who wants clementine and honey sorbet?

Boys1&2: Both, a lot of chocolate and a little clementine.

Boy2: Mama, what does so mean?

Boy1: It means donc.

Boy2: I didn't ask how to say it in French, I asked what it means. And anyway, you stay out of it.

Me: So is a conjuntion among other things, it means different things depending on how we use it.

Boy1: What's a conjuction?

Me: Don't talk with your mouth full of sorbet.


kingba said...

Yeap, they keep us thinking, knowledgeable, busy, and... out of our minds. But... no better tough job to be had.... Will make a man out of you (even if you are a woman!) (just kidding!!)

beth said...

These are the conversations that you'll remember for years

Christina said...


Lorraine said...

I'd like chocolate sorbet with a little clementine, too, please.

Nicole said...

kingba - definitely out of my mind.

Beth - No, I'll be brain dead by then.

Christina - I wish you could've witnessed it.

Lorraine - You really should have some. Seriously, the chocolate sorbet is dark and smooth and the clementine sorbet I spiced with ginger and cloves.

beth said...

If you're not brain dead yet, then I think you're actually ahead of the game.

kingba said...

Hey, y'all. I am petty sure I am older than all of you (not combined,OK?), so I can tell you, enjoy it now, my IQ has never recovered... (Maybe it got transfered to the kids???)

Reb said...

Oh no, are these the types of conversations I have to look forward to? Can I refer to your blog for help in the next couple years?

Anonymous said...