Monday, March 10, 2008

On weathering time

Le temps et le temps. Time and weather. Weather and time.

What do they have to do with each other? I do not really know. Perhpas it is that they both must be endured sometimes. Like today.

It's stormy out. Dark and windy and rainy and cold. So you wait. Wait for the rain to stop, wait for the sun to come, wait to see, wait to know.

I suppose at other times they must be enjoyed. When the weather is just the way you like it - whatever that is. When time feels like your best friend, giving you two hours that feel like the sweetest forever.

How do you like your weather and your time? How do you weather time?


beth said...

Time - really does go by too fast, something that I just can't get a grasp on; Weather - is what it is and where I live, it is mostly wonderful

Lorraine said...

I weather weather. Time I sometimes weather and sometimes embrace.

kingba said...

worse: how do you time weather??? At times, forecasts are wrong and the snow, rain, or heat wave hits at the wrong time...

Grish said...

It seems as if time more often weathers me lol

Nicole said...

Beth - Lucky you - about the weather I mean. Where I live makes Seattle seem like Miami.

Lorraine - Me too.

Kinga - Wrong time and wrong weather.

Grish - ME TOO.