Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The nose job

Or we could also call this a great opportunity to use a fancy French word and impress French people with my vocabulary. The actual act in itself is known as pulling a Boy2.

See, ever since he's known how to walk he's done this thing. He walks and talks at the same time, rare multi-tasking for a male (sorry, couldn't resist). But he likes eye contact when he talks (seriously, sometimes he'll be telling me a story and if I look away, even for a second, he'll say, 'Mama, I can't see your eyes,') so if the person he's talking to is not walking with him, say, out of the room, he'll keep looking at said person and he'll keep walking and he'll usually slam into a door or a door handle or a door frame. There's a tube of arnica on every floor of my house.

So, last sunday, I was in Boy2's room, talking to him and walking out of his room at the same time and must have miscalculated where the door frame was because I slammed into it, left side of my nose first. Hard. Tears streaming down my face hard, not because I was crying but because apparently that's what happens when you break your nose. Who knew?

Right, the fancy word. Le chambranle. Which, if you go to google translate, means chambrale in English. Yeah, right. I think it actually means wooden door frame.

My nose is fine, small fracture, no black eyes. Just the bridge was colorful, blue and then yellow and now fading.


Alison said...

Wow, 13 years in France and I've never heard that word. Of course, I can't think of the word for door frame that I once knew, either.

Anyway, ouch. Hope you're all better soon.

Christina said...

smooth... :)

kingba said...

Er, girls.. .I hate to be the party-pooper or seeming show-off but it is "LE chambraNle"..

And, glad that it is not worse, Nicole. (Now, blaming your son for your walking into the door frame,-- which left you "branlante",by the way..--, isn't that a bit cheap? Blaming in on the kids!!! Ah ,les femmes (that's retaliation for the male multitasking remark, na!)

Anyway, take care of yourself

Let's open an infirmary, OK?

Nicole said...

Ali - Ouch indeed.

Christina - As always.

Kingba - I've always been a crappy proofreader.

beth said...

I'm glad to hear that all of those dance lessons we took as kids have really paid off and you're still very graceful!

kingba said...

It is, in fact, more a nose business than a nose job, isn't it? You will get to keep your nose as is (was), right?
Being a nose man, and having met the modern times Cleopatra (my friend Alison/Tiki), with a runner-up (Helen Mirren), It would be a shame if you were to lose your status as "dauphine"(a completely different nose from the two aforementioned, but still a remarkable nose (er... as memory serves, it's been years, yes...)
So, may nose # 3 remain as it always was, a masterpiece in human nasaldom! ;))

kingba said...

Hey, go read about noses on dailylifeinworld.blogspot.com

Go read about YOUR nose, too....

Nicole said...

Beth - Call me Grace.

Kingba - I've never really liked my nose. But I haven't and won't get any surgery to change it.

kingba said...

Your nose is ranked number 3 WORLD WIDE, and I see an average of 40 to 50 noses a day. So, like your nose (or not) BUT DON'T CHANGE IT!!!!
I know noses (yes, I never met Cleopatra in the flesh, she was way kaputt before I set foot on this earth)
So, great nose, keep it, DON'T BREAK it, don't stick it in the wrong places, chambranles et al. and be proud of it. It is a wonder of the human world.

Lorraine said...