Thursday, May 29, 2008

Several things

1. As soon as my computer is fixed, I'm going to post a recent picture of myself so you can all see my World Famous Nose. Pre-break, of course.

2. They now sell Oreo's at the grocery store here. I was very excited about that. I liked them as a kid and thought my kids should at least try them. Verdict? Boy2 likes them and Boy1 doesn't because they don't taste like real chocolate.

3. And he's becoming an expert on real chocolate. I've taken to making big batches of chocolate ganache spiced with something - cinnamon or allspice or ginger - a couple of times a week and serving it warmed and poured over fresh fruit - this week strawberries, nectarines, pears and peaches - after most meals. It's either that or chocolate sorbet.

4. Did you know that a big fat tablespoon of chocolate ganache in your morning coffee makes the world seem like a peaceful wonderland?

5. I'm currently posting from an old laptap. Because the other computer is being repaired. Well, mostly cleaned. When the computer fixer guy took the side off, we both gasped. The dust! The hair! The little fan thingies were choking on me and my sloppy vacuming.

6. As if my World Famous Nose hadn't suffered enough, my hay fever is out of control and has degenerated into a horrible cold. First broken, barely healed, and now being blown every 12 seconds. You can feel sorry for me now.


beth said...

Hi! 2 - haven't had an oreo in years - I think I need to buy some; 4 - wow, that sounds like heaven; 6 - I recommend a sinus rinse - I firmly believe it helps allergies and sinus issues! And, I'm sure you look just gorgeous - nose and all!
ps - charmaine is in for a visit - she says hello

kingba said...

Only one way to live with allergies/hay fever/etc..,, twist a tissues (kleenex) into a torsade and was it up in your nose to catch all the stuff leaking out. I run Versailles (grandes eaux) when it's my turn (already gave this year, now it's your turn!). You'll look like hell or a walrus (or a hellish walrus) but it works and AT HOME you can do it, who cares? (the kids will love to look at you!!!)
Good luck.
Been there, done that, I do the shots now, it helps, and there is life after this shtuff....

kingba said...

darn it. I meant WAD it up (one tissue per nostril), you can breathe throuhg it and it works as drip pan... (were you planning to keep your readers??? I may have scared, or disgusted, some away... sorry

Lorraine said...

I would feel sorry for you but for all the ganache all over the fresh fruit thing.

beth said...

I think I may feel your broken nose pain - I've had a 102+ fever w/ mastitis (sp?) and Charmaine is in for a visit. . .she is trying to be helpful, but. . .I think I feel your pain.