Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When dogs don't make cats

When you have kids, you hope for the best, obviously. You hope they'll inherit your good traits, physical or otherwise, certainly none of your bad ones.

Never in a million years would I have wanted for Boy1 to be as hypersensitive as me. And I never would've wished for Boy2 to be as literal as me. I was just kind of hoping they'd both get good grades in school and like math.

But, as the saying goes, les chiens ne font pas les chats.

On the upside, they both like math. Their favorite 'game' to play is math flash cards.

I cannot imagine what kind of mother would convince her kids that math flash cards were a game.

Or that playing that game in said mother's favorite café every morning is a normal school vacation activity.


beth said...

Are you kidding, fresh air (walk to cafe) and playing an educational game in lieu of parking them in front of the TV - I would say that is excellent parenting (not to mention convincing them that math is a game - brilliant!)

Lorraine said...

The Child never bought the notion that flash cards were fun. Ever.

Nicole said...

Beth - You're such a good friend.

Lorraine - She saw her destiny from a very young age.