Thursday, June 25, 2009


Because I'm like that sometimes.

1. Tomorrow is the boys' last day of school. It's not the last day of school, but it's theirs. We're going to Paris on Monday so they'll miss the last three days. Please don't call French Social Services.

2. I'm out of cinnamon and chocolate covered altoids. How did that happen? Wasn't my mom just here last month? Didn't she bring me, like, 4 tins?

3. My former favorite violet ice cream still tastes like soap. I'm considering just making some myself. But who sells violet essence? Oh, what is the essence of violet?

4. It's storming.

5. I do not know what this summer will be made of. Many times, you know. This time, I do not know. I'm trying to like not knowing.


Kevin Smith said...

I think not knowing is what makes it the most appealing. While not as significant as charting out a summer plan, for me in the here and now this comes in the form of not knowing what violet-soap ice cream would taste like.

Nicole said...

Kevin - I haven't really gotten to the appealing part of not knowing. I've posted before about this violet ice cream, maybe a year ago. Violet ice cream, when not soap-like, is absolutely incredible. The soap stuff, seriously, tastes exactly like soap. A little waxy, a little powdery, and very perfumy in an antiseptically sweet way.