Monday, August 31, 2009

The coal in you

The darkest black, mined from the strata. A network of shadowed veins. Metamorphic rock, your gloss speaks of your purity and the rivers of time dedicated to making you shine like that.

Were you to be picked up and put to paper, your traces would be indentations, not smudges. You do not color, you mark and engrave on the archives of this tale. Lines drawn can be smeared, the truth of your path cannot.

You are used, transformed, exploited for purposes that are not your own. The blue of your involuntary flame burns hotter than you can help. A smokeless fire you did not set.


Kevin Smith said...

I think the coal in me will always be just coal. I'm too impatient to outlast the time required for transformation. Maybe I'll get lucky and time will somehow outsmart me.

Nicole said...

Kevin- Time is always smarter than us, no?

Kevin Smith said...

Nic - you are right, thank goodness.