Monday, September 14, 2009


It has been your nature to avoid endings. Too final, too hard, too permanent, although you do realize the finality, the hardness, and the permanence are yours - not inherent to every ending.

You've decided to be willing to let an ending be otherwise. To let yourself be otherwise.

It has been promised - everything outside that door is good.

And promises mean the world to you. Literally. Neither words nor intentions, promises are diamonds to you. The clear, sparkling, hard, future truths of your world. Anyone who doesn't know that about you doesn't really know you.


Kevin Smith said...

Endings are always the hardest part, I believe, of any truly good story.

And promises provide us the hope needed to make it through the story, all the way to the good ending.

Who doesn't like a good promise?

Nicole said...

Kevin - what if the ending is really bad? I do like what you said about promises, although I think of them as carved in the hardest marble.

Kevin Smith said...

Ah, good, point, as always Nicole. I like to believe there really are no truly bad endings, but realize that's a childlike attitude.

Eric J. Keller said...

I promise you this Nicole... Life is change, and change is constant. I have chosen to accept that at face value, and I've been amazed at the events that have unfolded right before my eyes since that time.

Anonymous said...

There is neither good nor bad ending before you get to the end of that story.

And who knows when the story has came to its end?

Nicole said...

Kevin - I like to believe that too. That someday, even if it takes 25 years to see it, all endings are good.

Eric - Hmm.

Anon - You're right. We don't ever know.