Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A place for you

You've been in this place longer than you've ever been anywhere. This one place that has never really felt like home is the place you've spent more time than any other. You cannot explain this.

You could detail how ready you've been for a change. You could describe the goodbye you've already said, the thanks you've already given. The nod of acknowledgment you received.

What were you being being told? That change, as ready as you may be for it, is not ready for you? That there is something you still have to do here or perhaps something that must be done to you?

As is always the case, time knows better than you which page is really the last.


JMH said...

I've been watching The Bob Newhart Show on Netflix. Though it pre-dates me by several years, I find it comfortingly funny. It doesn't worry me that you might not care. I like the idea of relaying unsolicited and mundane details of my life to a virtual stranger on the other side of the ocean. And really, I'm not going to bore someone to death in a few sentences, unless the sentences are really long, and they don't stop, just keep going and going and going in an interminable monotone, oh, won't he ever, ever, ever shut up...

In this post, I see a bit of a universal template into which I could plug any experience or state of mind. We have variables of time and place, neither of which need to be taken literally, but also design as a hopeful (let go) force -- its existence a question.


Nicole said...

JMH - I like long sentences.