Thursday, November 26, 2009

Surprise me

Time has reached your home. Have you been told this before? Before, during, after. Those are all memories now. You've rewritten them well. Time is here to tell you that you have been left behind. Not by age, no. You've been left behind because that's where you've apparently decided you belong. Behind what, you do not ask. You know quite well.

What will you do?

Whatever it is, make it good. It is exactly how you will be remembered. The imprint that will be used to remind this place that you were once a member. You will not be remembered for who you think you are, you will be remembered for the mark you left.


Alison said...

Once again, you've struck a chord with me.

JMH said...

Yeah, I agree. You write with concentrated feeling.

Nicole said...

Alison - I wonder if there's a pattern to it.

JMH - How was Thanksgiving?

JMH said...

I got a flat tire on that (black) Wednesday, but it worked out well, as my sister was nice enough to drive me out to the suburbs and back. She's ten years younger and goes to U of I, and has very few bad habits, which I was flush with at her age.

So, only one Thanksgiving, and they let me nap for an hour afterwards. Pretty good all in all.

I hope yours went well, and that your kids appreciate our strange traditions.