Monday, November 16, 2009


I miss Thanksgiving.

I miss planning the menu or realizing that I don't have to cook a thing. I miss knowing I'll see close friends or family or both really soon. I miss all that food, all that amazing food. I miss the first holiday that marks the start of the holiday season. And the leftovers. I really miss Thanksgiving leftovers.

I know, I know. I can have Thanksgiving here. And it's true. Sort of. But it is not the same.

It's just a regular thursday here. A regular thursday I will try to make special for the boys. I will make stuffing and roast a chicken and make homemade cream of mushroom soup and fry shallots for green bean casserole and I will, of course, make apple pie and pumpkin pie and homemade vanilla ice cream for one and whipped cream for the other.

I will tell them all the reasons I have to be thankful, grateful. It will be a long list.

It will be a quiet, small, private Thanksgiving.


JMH said...

It must be tough being far away, and certainly, given that, I'll try not to view my own Thanksgivings (two on the same day, divorce) as chores. I mean, the food and the gratitude are always amazing, but the pained strained conversation with relatives is less so, especially after eating, when I just want to watch football and nap, how I want to nap!

Nicole said...

Oh man - I completely forgot about the nap. The nap is very important. But yes, please, enjoy them both.

Lorraine said...

Thanksgiving leftovers are the bomb diggity. And then there's the cruel reality that if you host you have all the work and mess but you score the leftovers OR you go somewhere else and maybe you get "a plate" but it is NOT the same thing as having half a turkey carcass in your damn fridge for a week.

Donna said...

Dammit all, Nicole--you haven't shared your stuffing recipe with me yet!!