Monday, February 15, 2010

1000 Strings

The most beautiful, complicated musical instrument that ever was. A string instument, of course. Imagined, designed and faconed by the greatest of masters. Unimaginable music, the kind that takes your breath away. And it did. Vibrations, of endless varieties, on a thousand strings. To be plucked, bowed, or struck, depending on the day.

You watch, at first in horror but now with calm curiosity, as one by one those strings break or are snipped, depending on the day.

What will remain when all those strings are gone? An echo or a memory, depending on the day.

Reminders can be gifts, depending on the day.


JMH said...

Faconed? Soft "c"? Say, I've been asked more than once, and never able to answer, what do you call the soft "c" (the tailed "c") in English?

Nicole said...

You know, I'm not sure that's an official word. I call รง a cedilla.