Monday, February 08, 2010

Graffiti on your walls

Lines, grooves, edges, curves. Messages, signs, symbols, signatures.

You can never know if what you're seeing, what you're reading, is what was intended. You can never know if it is irreverent art or spiteful desecration. You are unsettled either way.

Vandal or artist, depending on the day. Either way, you are uncomfortable knowing they were here. This is not a public space. Access is difficult, challenging even.

What did they see as they left their mark? That, you try not to imagine.

More disturbing still, what did they take away?

You must accept what they left behind, bleach will not work, nothing will. These walls, your walls, they live and breathe. Marks made, lines drawn, they are a part of you now.


JMH said...

"Yes," I want to say.

The pain never goes away. You just get used to it. Some days you can use it to do things. Others it does things to you.

Susan said...

I agree JMH, it never goes away, somedays it smothers you, chokes you, and then the next day, all is fine again.....weird....

Nicole said...

JMH - Agreed.

Susan - I like the next days better.