Monday, August 02, 2010

Begin again

Alright then, I will.

This will be a month of beginnings and endings, more than I can count.

I will change jobs, I will move to a different region. I will say goodbye to the end of the life I have had in Laval for the past eleven years.

I will learn the second language of the south, heat. That should be interesting, given how I feel about heat. I will live in another small city, discover it and explore it in my usual way - one cafe, wine bar, restaurant, bakery at a time.

I will hold my breath when I arrive, waiting to see how I will be welcomed there.


Alison said...

Bon courage, Nicole. Keep us posted!

Nicole said...

Thanks Ali, I will.

Ksam said...

Good luck! We'll be along for the ride. :)

Nicole said...

Thanks Sam!