Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Where I`m headed

Or we could also call this how to box up a life.

Montélimar is where I′m headed. I don`t know much about it other than what Google and Wikipedia have told me. It′s not a palindrome city though, and I′ll be very interested to discover just what kind of city it is. It feels sort of strange to say city for a place with a population of 40,000, but town doesn′t work either. It′s in a part of the country that I have never visited before.

I have an apartment there for the boys and me, an apartment, like the region, that I′ve only seen in pictures.

So, how do you box up a life?

You take stock, you sort, you only take what you treasure, everything that is no longer useful you give away or throw away. You leave the breakables to the professionals, as well as the driving. You cross the country, leaving landscape you know, and look for yourself on the map.


Ksam said...

What a coincidence, I was just down near there last week (have a new client near Valence). It was a lovely area - though it will certainly be a change from Laval!

The Girl from Lokhandwala said...

All the very best to you... hope to read more about the new town once you're settled in.

Nicole said...

Sam - France just got smaller! We should meet for a coffee next time you go to see your client.

I'm definitely ready for a change.

TGFL - Thank you. I'm hoping there will be a lot to write about as well.

Jeffrey said...

Isn't it all so exciting though? As a sag, I would think you're embracing it. I'm excited for you. Hope to visit soon.

Nicole said...

Jeff - it is, I am

Donna Morris said...

And there's lots of good wine around there too! I was there last year visiting Allesandra's friend's vineyard -