Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Kiss my soul

A quiet tug. Persistent but there.

It turned into a yank and then could not be ignored. Some things are like that. First felt as a lack, a missing you could not fathom or explain. You asked the appropriate question, you're good at that. And you got a most unexpected answer. Really.

You were disappointed, of course you were. The eternal optimist, you were certain of a different outcome. Not even one that involved you, just one that involved some authenticity. Instead you got a glimpse into the darkest of rooms, one you were certain contained mystery and invitation. In this case, however, that is not where the darkness comes from. Shoe boxes line the walls you were certain would be covered with something plush. Chaos, your constant companion, is mastered here. Ordered shelves where you expected to find dark velvet. It would have been purple velvet - the color from your favorite mix of red and blue, your truest friends, blood and truth.

You do not know what will come of this, probably nothing. But that, in itself, is something.


JMH said...

These are puzzles that can't be solved, that want no solutions, at least with conventional tools. Bits of the eternal, maybe, or just purposeful nonsense. Either way, I like them. They stretch my brain.

Nicole said...

I enjoy a good brain stretch myself.

JMH said...

Oh, and they're much less painful than my previous stretching method, which involved two pairs of tweezers, an elastic band, and extreme delicateness in and around the ear canal.