Friday, March 04, 2011


Lost is not forgotten.

A road was taken, or maybe a path. You'll never know. Maps were not consulted in this case.

If you take one thing away from this, it is that. You will never know. You do not know what was meant to be, you do not even know what was. You only know what is. And even that you must work hard to accept.

You do, however, know about shadows. You've seen them before, been close to them even. Close enough to feel them.

You will take the time to remember it all. You will take note of everything. You will be the eyes and ears and you will take it all in. You will keep it all safe and when the lines blur and the shadow can speak, it will all be there, ready.

You know very little, you know that too. It would be arrogant to think otherwise.

But you do know that lost is never gone.


Alison said...

I would love to meet you. Your blog entries almost always leave me speechless. And those two sentences really have little to do with each other.

(My word is "swore".)

Nicole said...

Alison - Me too! Actually, it would be an honor and a pleasure to meet you. We're work it out in Paris one day.