Friday, November 23, 2012

You cannot lie

Focused bliss, capturing a memorized moment in flight.  You were altered.

Imagine your shock, when you hit the ground, no longer running.  

It's a metaphor isn't it?  Immobility your body needs you to witness.  

Can you though?  Do you know what this means?  You cannot shake it off, you cannot slump under its weight.  There is no future for your action and your body knows that.  

Frozen not in time but in freedom, unable to assume, unwilling to cave.  


JMH said...

Geez Nicole, it's like a fucking emotional sudoku how these make me feel. Can't you give me an easy one?

Love lost and lingering is how I'm trying to solve this.

Nicole said...

Love lost and lingering is exactly it. You're apparently good at sudoku.

Easy is the next objective.

JMH said...

I AM good at sudoku, thank you for noticing. But it hurts my brain, which apparently just wants to watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent re-runs, which you may or may not get in France. If you do, my favorite character is Vincent D'Onofrio as Detective Robert Goren, who seems to solve crimes by violating the suspect's personal space. If you don't, the preceding will not be funny. Of course, if I had all that wine and delicious food, I would NOT be watching TV.

Nicole said...

We do get that in France, although it's just a rumor to me as I do not have a tv, no doubt due to the food and the wine. Don't even get me started on personal space! I spent the first 3 years I lived in France backing up.

JMH said...

Well, the food and the wine no doubt provide sufficient sensual pleasure as to make irrelevant the need to numb oneself with television, in fact, it would seem to run contrary to that practice.

Do you move forward now when you visit the U.S.? Do your relatives move back?

Nicole said...

Not sure actually. Good question. I haven't been to the States in over 5 years - that's an odd thing to write - but I think I still keep my distance.

Abdullah Saif said...