Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tante Nicole

I've always liked my name. I've never wanted to change it or have it shortened into a nickname. I've never answered to Nicki but I was called Nic a lot during undergrad, mostly by the people I worked with in a restaurant. I wrote Nic on my tickets because it was faster than writing Nicole and it stuck. No one here calls me Nic - it sounds just like nique which is a bad word for a loving act.

Anyway, Nicole is a French name. But I'm the only Nicole in my age group here, or anything even near my age group. Everyone has a tante Nicole, and they're usually around 60 years old. Sometimes people look surprised when they hear my name, it's like meeting a 30 year old in the US whose name is Hilda or something like that. It's just a little odd.

I bring all this up because I've been watching the 5th and final season of Alias. Although I'm only half-heartedly watching in because it's in French and I'm so not into Alias in French. I'm thinking Husband should get me Season 5 for Christmas and maybe Seasons 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy too. Anyway, no snide comments about Alias please. I've always loved tv shows where pretty women kick ass, ever since I was little. Wonder Woman, Charlie's Angels, Buffy, Alias. So, on the last season of Alias there is a French woman, a young French woman whose name (in the show) is Renée. The possibility of finding a 28 year old French woman named Renée is absolutely nil. Elodie (her real name), Céline, Sandrine, Chyrstelle, Aurélie - those are the names of young French women today. The French names we think of (Michelle, Renée, Colette, etc) are actually the names that were popular among French immigrants in the US and are quite common among the 60 - 65 year old set.

Names apparently ride waves of popularity. Am I ahead of my time or behind it?


Eric said...

Perhaps you are for France.
It is like the Jennifer memo that went out in 1970 to all expecting parents.

beth said...

I have the first season of Grey's Anantomy on DVD and would be happy to send it to you - let me know if you want it.

Lorraine said...

That is very interesting, considering how "classy" a name Nicole is here in the states. And honey, you're always ahead of your time.

the neighbor said...

Growing up in the 50's in Seattle, I was the only little girl named Michelle in school. I didn't even meet another Michelle until I was 13. I hated my name so much that when I was 7 that I insisted my mom call me "Judy" - that lasted about a day.

Now, approaching mid-50's, I'm likely to be lumped in the over 60 set next time I'm in France.

I can't win -

XO the neighbor

Nicole said...

Eric - I'm wayyyy behind for France. I went to school with a lot of Jennifers.

Beth - Oh yes yes. That's much better than candy!

Lorraine - you're just saying that cause your my friend. Which is so sweet of you.

Neighbor - hope your house survived the stormy winds, btw. I have an American friend here named Michelle - she's 33. Aren't you glad the Judy thing didn't last?

charlie said...

The Sensible One's name is Nicola. And I am very fond of Charlie's Angels too :o)

It's still raining here, btw, and not as nice as France or as that strange litle island where I live now and again.

beth said...

Since you are my oldest friend - I will send you the DVD, which is still in it's original platic wrapper because I haven't even watched it yet! I'll mail it off next week.

Grish said...

ddNames apparently ride waves of popularity. Am I ahead of my time or behind it?

It all changes and then comes back around in 40 years or so.
It is interesting though how that stuff works out...:)

Nicole said...

Beth - No! Watch it yourself first, I can wait until you're finished.

beth said...

I'll just send it - after all, the reruns should start airing any time now.