Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Foot in mouth, tome 212

This weekend while in Vannes at JDC and SDC's house, SDC's parents joined us for dinner. They brought a very nice bottle of pink champagne, the good stuff, not the yucky stuff, and we had a nice chat while drinking it. I helped S out in the kitchen for a while and when I returned, her parents, J, and Husband were in the middle of a discussion. I listened, thought I understood, and made a comment.

In my defense, words like good positioning, height differences (J is very tall and S is not), comfortable and pleasure were being used. And they all seemed very amused by the discussion. So I think my misunderstanding can be understood.

So I look around and say to S's parents, "Wow, you're very cool parents. I don't know many people who can have a discussion about oral sex (I think I actually said the bj word but whatever.) with their daughter and son-in-law."

All eyes turned on me. No words were spoken for what seemed like FOREVER. Then they all start laughing HYSTERICALLY. Finally, when she could breathe again, S's mom said,"Nicole, no one was talking about that. We were talking about dancing."

It was a good hour before she could look and me and not start laughing again.

Aren't I the best dinner guest ever?


Jennifer said...

Haha, that's too funny!

Samantha said...

Ha, that's great!

And looks like you were chez moi for the weekend!

Lorraine said...

Too, too funny.

Christina said...

oh wow, you are ridiculous...i love it! haha...

Nicole said...

Jennifer - Welcome to gaffe city!

Samantha - And a lovely time was had by all. I know what you mean about those aggressive grandma-types.

Lorraine - Don't you wish I could come to dinner more often? I do.

Christina - I am not ridiculous. I am reality-challenged.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's overrated, by the way. What do you think, nicole?

gina said...

I want you at all my parties! Hilarious!