Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Paris, Tome 1

I had a lovely weekend, thank you. I'll probably gush about it for most of the week. Let me know if it gets old.

It actually started out with a sputter. The train ride there was horrific. But I'll post about that another day. Let's start off with something positive.

The last time I went to Paris was in the summer of 2005. Husband and the boys and I spent 10 days in a friend's apartment in the Bastille neighborhood. We had a great time.

But spending time in Paris with young kids is very different from spending time there with a girlfriend. Even more so because she likes food and wine and coffee as much as I do.

And everyone knows that being with a friend, someone who really knows you (and in this case, has known me for nearly 20 years) is like coming home.

So, basically, it was like a fabulous weekend at home with a very close friend, but with better food and a perfect setting.


Christina said...

glad you guys had a great time...can't wait to hear about it!

beth said...

Paris, good friend, wine and food. . .sounds perfect.

Lorraine said...

Can't wait for the details. I'm so jealous.

the neighbor said...

Tell all! Tell all! We are living our lives vicariously through your trip to Paris!

XO the neighbor

gina said...

Jealous, I tell you! Jealous! And come on, did you have to rub it in? "like the fabulous weekend at home with a very close friend, but with better food and a perfect setting"... uh, DUH! Paris?!?!?! IS there any better setting? I don't think so!

Can't wait to hear the details.

gina said...


You told me to email you so you could provide contact info in case my son needs any assistance while in France, but there is no email link on your profile, mon cher. Email me, okay? The link on my profile works. Au revoir!

zeb said...

The real question is how much football and junk food did the boys have while you were gone?