Sunday, February 18, 2007

Further proof of my Americanism

I ordered Pride and Prejudice (the most recent version) on DVD from last week. And I received it on Friday.

Husband and I rented it when it came out on video in France. And of course I loved it. I've read that book a gazillion times and I love any attempts at adapting it. Anyway. I watched it a couple of times (4) this weekend. And I noticed in the bonus was included an 'alternate US ending.' Huh?

It's true, the first time I watched it, I was a little put off by the abrupt ending. It was what I consider to be a totally Frenchified ending. Meaning there is no ending. The film justs ends but doesn't have an ending. And now I know why I felt that way. It's because I'm American.

When I watched the US ending, I felt much better. Much more satisfied. They kiss. I've spent decades of my life waiting to see that kiss. I've seen that kiss a gazillion times in my head.

In further Pride and Prejudice news, after watching in on Friday, I took a short nap. I woke up to answer the phone, but missed the call. I listened to the message. It was S, a British friend. I swear, when he started to speak I honestly thought, "Mr. Darcy has called me." I think I was still a little bit asleep.

I actually consider Pride and Prejudice, in any form, to be like porn for girls. It's totally addictive and we need hits of it regularly. It does something to my brain.


Doc said...

Have you read the 'sequel'? If not, I can lend it to you.

screamish said...

Oh yes, Mr DARCY! Have you seen the BBC version? it's extremely long and the whole thing is drawn out exquisitely to the final part!

I love rewatching it and tormenting myself....

beth said...

I've never read it - I just don't know if I'm smart enough to understand such a book - and I'm honestly ok with that. Glad that the alternate ending satisfied you - nothing like good old satisfaction albeit American or French.

Nicole said...

Doc - I've never even heard of it - I'd love to read it.

Screamish - I haven't. I need to get that.

Beth - Give me a break. It's a love story. I bet you've never even tried to read it.

Lorraine said...

Poo. I tried to comment a few days ago and was thwarted. Let's try again, shall we?

For me the A&E version is absolutely the best. I have the new one on rental from Netflix as we speak but I still haven't gutted up to watch it. Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy.

beth said...

No, I've never tried to read it. . .like I said, I think I'm scared of it.