Sunday, December 16, 2007

In recent news

I went away to a spa in a 4 star hotel this weekend. In Saint-Malo.

It was the most sensual weekend I've ever had that didn't involve sex. Which is exactly what I needed after my recent ass-kicking.

I got massages and salt water spa treaments and I ate foie gras and lamb and 3 kinds of sorbet and stared out at the sea from my window for hours.

Things I learned this weekend?

I like 4 star hotels.

Spas are nice.

Mango sorbet is more appealing as an idea than as an actual sorbet.


Christina said...

that sounds fun!

beth said...

That sounds lovely! Are you well rested? Have you ever put mango in salads with pine nuts and avacado - it's quite good when served with a light dressing (I suggest fresh butter lettuce).

nicole said...

good for you! hope the ass kicking is finished but that more spa treatments are in your future. :-)

zeb said...

check email please-question about shipping x-mas presents

Anonymous said...

Ohmigod, you just described my idea of heaven (except the sorbet, I hate sorbet) ice cream all the way.

Lorraine said...

That reminds me...someone gave me a certificate to Ummalina for my birthday...

Nicole said...

christina - Oh, it was.

Beth - I don't get much fresh mango around here. You've been living in California for too long - you've forgotten how the rest of us live.

Nicole - Me too!

Julie - It really was heavenly.

Lorraine - Nope, it was for the Child's birth.

Lorraine said...

No, gave me one for The Child's birth, which I redeemed when she was 1. Payson gave me one for my 50th. You inspire me to use it before I'm 51.