Wednesday, December 05, 2007


1. What happens when you apply the rule everywhere? My brother and his wife are always referred to as Uncle Daryl and Aunt Denise. Logical, that's what they are to the boys. So, yesterday at breakfast, Boy2 says,
- -hey mama, Uncle Daryl's my what?
Your uncle.
- right so Uncle Billy and Uncle Daryl are my uncles. And what's Aunt Denise?
She's your aunt.
-Right! So gramdma's my gra and Christi's my Chri and Nicolas is my Nic. I got it!

2. I'm the victim of my own success. Last week was the Christmas market at the boys' school. Things made by the parents are sold for cash for the school. I can't sew or build things, so I cooked. I made 25 jars of salted butter caramel sauce and 65 100-gram sachets of fudge, brittle, and toffee (which they don't really have here). I arrived at school on thrusday evening to help out. Doors opened at 8. At 8:25, there wasn't anything left. So, the president of the PTA asked me, very nicely, if I could possibly go home and make some more for the next two days of the market, which I did. I am so sick of sugar.

3. The blinding headache is back. 7 hours of oral English exams with my second year students. Torture for them and for me.


Eric said...

6500 grams of fudge pre packaged???

thats possesion with intent to distrute there young lady.

That'll get you 15-20...Kilos


Sorry my messed up link borked the comments on the previous post.

And yes Zak I have tried it. We have a bottle at home. It is actually not as cloyingly sweet and icky as one might expect.

Christina said...

so does that mean my official title is "Chri Christi"?...too funny!

zeb said...

Please answer email

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the headache! I know how you feel.

Nicole said...

Eric - You're a funny man. No sweat on the comment thing, I thought the blue was very pretty.

Christina - You're a nice Chri.

Zeb - Done

Julie - The chain is really uncomfortable.

beth said...

Now I must eat something sweet - sugar is my addiction and you're food posts always make me hungry

Lorraine said...

You're going to send some of that caramel sauce home with The Child, right?

Dreadful sorry about the headache. Truly I am.

beth said...

Nicole & Lorraine - if she does send some home, you "the child" detour thru Sonoma Calif to drop some off to me?? pretty please??

beth said...

ok - that didn't work - what I meant to say is. . .
if she does send some home with the child, could the child detour thru Sonoma to drop some off to me??

Anonymous said...

Just a tip for the headache -- try putting peppermint oil on your forehead and at the sides of your nose before going to bed. Helps migraines.