Thursday, December 27, 2007

Misc Christmas Things

1. I saw a Hummer in Nantes. A Hummer. In Nantes. Can any of you imagine a Hummer in the streets of a French city? As I saw it drive by a huge WHY came out of my mouth.

2. And I've been so good. I got a Nespresso coffee machine for Christmas. All my good itentions out the window. We'll see how moderate I'll be. If today was any example, a little more self-discipline is in order.

3. Christmas dinner lasted 3 hours. Want to hear about it? Ok, so, first, for apéritif, we had, well, apéritif stuff - olives and cashews and cherry tomatoes and champagne. Then, foie gras, which my mother-in-law makes (it's DIVINE) with onion confit and fig confit and arugula. With that, we drank a wine called Sensuel (and it was) which is made from the vendanges extremes in the Loire region (also divine). Then we had two different seafood terrines, served with homemade mayonnaise and Chardonnay. Then we had duck with a St. Nicolas de Borgueil. Perfection. I skipped dessert and had chocolate truffles with my coffee. So much lighter than dessert.

4. The label of this post (down below) is a blatant ploy.


Christina said...

uh ohhh, someone needs more ginger chews!

beth said...

The French really know how to eat! Merry Christmas.

Samantha said...

Was it a black one or a yellow one? Cuz I've often seen a black one on Paris plates & a yellow one from 44 in that area. They look so absolutely ridiculous here. And just today I was behind a huge Chevy Surburban on the way to Rennes - we have a pretty big BMW, but that thing was still enormous compared to our car!!

Anonymous said...

1 i blame your new pres
2 self-discipline is over-rated
3 that's two hours too long
4 blatant ploys are under-rated

Suz said...

hello nicole - i live in America (as you already know, perhaps) and i ask WHY everytime i see the Hummer. I absolutely hate that car. but having visited France, i can appreciate how it just doesn't fit there either. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Nicole

Nicole said...

Christina - I'm so obvious.

Beth - the pictures were beautiful!

Samantha - Black (44) - oh no! That means there are two of them from Nantes. I can't believe you saw a Surburban.

OMOTS - 1.No 2.Yes 3.No 4.Yes

Suz - Yeah, it just looks so weird here.

CBW - And to you my friend.