Thursday, August 07, 2008

L'état de l'attente

Waiting. The waiting state. As opposed to the desperate longing state. Maybe a bridge to a state of grace. We'll see.

I can't do yoga. I haven't really been able to do yoga for 2 weeks. I did something to my left wrist, funked it up a little, ignored it and did yoga anyway for a week. Bad idea. It moved beyond funky into not really utilisable. Which sucks because yoga's become something I love doing. So I'm forced to wait.

Oddly, or interestingly, enough, that's not the only thing I'm forced to wait for these days.

If I were a highly evolved person, I'd see the wisdom in all this waiting. I'd see the gift of clarity in all this limbo. Like Julie, I'd see that events and timing and plans are much more gracefully laid out when I'm not operating under the illusion that I'm the one eventing and timing and planning what will be my new world. I'd see that having to wait makes you take responsibility for what you get. That it makes sure you've got your eyes wide open so you see what you get when you get it. So you don't wake up in the middle of it and wonder where it came from.

How do you wait?


beth said...

I have no answer for you - apparently I am not a highly evolved person because I'm not good at waiting. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm going crazy waiting to move into our apartment. I've been in this countryside village for one month shy of a year now and I can wait no longer! I am filling my time watching movies, drinking coke and eating breadsticks..not very productive, although I'm enjoying watching all the Hitchcock and Bogart movies I've never seen before.

Nicole said...

Beth - You're in good company, I'm not highly evolved either. I suck at waiting.

Le tigre - sounds very productive to me.

Lorraine said...

Not well. At all.

Nicole said...

Lorraine - All my friends seem to have that in common with me. Odd.