Tuesday, August 19, 2008


There have been suggestions - recommendations that I need to cultivate some of that.

Like rising up out of the pit was before it, it's on my list of things to do.

These days, however, I'm cooking. Pastry cream for chocolate eclairs and mischief meringues and lemon buttermilk sorbet and chocolate sorbet and peaches with balsamic vinegar for rare duck breast.

La temperance will follow, washed down with champagne.


beth said...

Who cares about Temperance when your kitchen sounds so lovely. . .I want to live in your kitchen and eat, eat and eat!!

Julie said...

How do you not weigh 400 lbs? I really think there is something in the air in France.

Nicole said...

Beth - You really should come for a visit.

Julie - Temperance.

beth said...

If I visit, do you promise to bake all of those lovely item that you've mentioned in previous posts?? Warning. . .if you do, I may never leave.

Nicole said...

Beth - those and many, many more. Bring the girls, the boys will love them and we'll have peace and quiet.

Anne Corrons said...

Your cuisine sounds good!!!!! Love the eclair au chocolat