Monday, September 08, 2008

My list of things to do

or not to do this week:

1. Talk less. Seriously, you would not BELIEVE the kinds of trouble I get myself into by just speaking my mind too often. Note to self: everything doesn't need to be said. No, really.

2. Avoid drama at all costs. Seriously, you would not BELIEVE the kinds of drama I get myself into by, again, speaking my mind too often.

3. Get some work done. Seriously, you would not BELIEVE how completely not in the groove I am. I blame it on the trouble and the drama. No time left.

4. Avoid getting ass kicked by life, again. Seriously, you would not BELIEVE how many times I've had my ass kicked in the past 9 months. This at least has nothing to do with the speaking my mind thing. Between the repeated ass-kicking and the broken nose and the bruised forehead (you know, from banging it up against the wall endlessly), 2008 has left a serious mark on me. I'm very curious to see what kind of shape I'll be in by year's end. My guess? Either very good or very bad.

5. Yoga, everyday. My wrist is finally better. Guess what? Sometimes waiting works.


beth said...

I would suggest that maybe you should drink more wine to numb the pain, however, more vino might make you talk more - and since you're trying not to talk more. . .I'll just say that I'm glad the yoga is helping.

Nicole said...

Beth - I'm not sure if it's helping but at least it keeps me in shape.

Jertta said...

I think I should try to do the same as you, at least when it comes to talking less ;-).

Nicole said...

Jertta - Maybe it's a foreign woman thing? I wish we could meet for coffee.