Monday, September 22, 2008

The thing is

I have some real things to blog about. Not the least of which is a very cool blog award I was given on Friday. From a very cool blogger (Uh -Oh Spaghettios). And an interesting encounter this weekend with a very old and interesting woman. And then the typical charming children things and then the bounty of fruits and vegetables from gardens I've been given lately.

But in order for me to be able to do any of that or, really, anything else at all, the whole ass kicking roller coaster thing has really got to stop.

My mother has lit a candle, which will help.

But on today, the first day of fall, I could really use some good equinox vibes.

So, if you've got any on hand and to spare, please send them my way.


beth said...


kingba said...

OK, a day late (it seems) but not a penny short, I send all the vibes I have. (It's a weird, bad year anyway, so just wait for 09 and we'll all turn the page)
vibes, hugs, psychic waves, etc etc

Nicole said...

Beth - Thank you.

Kingba - Thank you. In numerology it's a 1 year, which is a year of renewal, replacementn removal, and new beginnings. But none of that is necessarily easy.

Lorraine said...