Sunday, November 23, 2008

With my week, I will

1. remember that lost is not forgotten.

2. pester everyone about my birthday next Monday. Because, as much as my age might freak me out, I just love birthdays. Mine and boys' especially.

3. get organized. No, really.

4. remember the rainbow I saw on Friday afternoon whenever I get sad this week. It was really beautiful and whisper faint and so briefly there I was probably the only person who saw it.

What will you do?


The Idle Devil said...

This week I must go for a walk every evening at least. I need to de-stress so i dont feel too tied down at home. Is your birthday next Monday? What cake are you making?

beth said...

My week's to do list
1. Mail bday gift to Nicole (done) don't get excited. . .it's a very small gift.
2. Cook Thanksgiving dinner for family, which includes mother in law.
3. get rid of headache that's been a constant for 3 weeks.
4. quit eating peppermint bark - a wonderful combination of dark and white chocolate with crushed peppermint.
5. get organized. . .but that's always on my list, I've been pushing that to the next week for the past 20 years.
6. Take time to remember that life is a gift

Nicole said...

TID: Good idea. Yes it is. No idea on the cake yet.

Beth: 1. Can't help it, still excited.
2. Wow. And I say that for several reasons.
3. See number 4.
4. Maybe why you have number 3?
5. Me too.
6. Always.