Sunday, November 30, 2008

December 1st is my birthday

How's that for a very subtle ploy to get attention?

I'm posting tonight because I won't have time tomorrow, classes all day and kids' stuff after that. I promised the boys we would bake a cake.

This will be the second hard birthday I've had in a row, for reasons too numerous to discuss. But I will say that none of them even have to do with how old I am. I've shelved that issue and will, perhaps, get to it some other year.

Know what I want for my birthday?

Rainbows and unicorns and lines in the sand that spell out a message that will make me smile until my next birthday.


beth said...

This template (sp?) may not be sand, but Happy Birthday! You'll survive this bday - I did!

The Idle Devil said...

Happy Birthday! May you get everything you wish for!

Nicole said...

Beth and TID - Thank you!

kingba said...

OK, so here it is, one mega size (welcome to America) order of Rainbows, one mega-unicorn and here is the line in the cyber-sand (valid for one year, renewable, on or about same time next year =================================
Did I get the order right?

Hugs, wishes, et al.
Happy 28th (+ tax)

Santa Claus
(rehearsing 3 1/2 weeks before show time)

Lorraine said...

Happy, happy birthday my darling. It's a new year. Have a clover.

zeb said...

I just finished putting up a sign in my office that says

"It is what it is"

It has become my favorite saying and the older I get the more I realize how true it is.

Nicole said...

Kingba - You did! Thank you. For many things.

Lorraine - Thank you. You're my clover.

Zeb - I need a sign for my office. What should it say?

Stardust said...

11:22 pm, ouf!

So, I wish you sun for the rainbows (rain we already have) and a nice pair of sunglasses so you can see unicorns instead of our Mayenne's horses, and for the line in the sand... Would you come to Saint-Malo one of this days?

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Patricia M.

beth said...

ironically, I've been saying "it is what it is" for about a year now and it's one of my favorite sayings. I highly recommend it.

Jertta said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nicole!!! (ok, I'm late, but...) I did not remember you had the same birthday our Paloma has. Well, she had yesterday her 1st birthday, yours was the 25th wasn't it? Anyway, I have to say that people born on the 1st of december are just PERFECT, cannot imagine better! Their motrher's have had the perfect timing.

After a long period with no blog reading, I am back... I will try to have time to read the older messages too...

zeb said...

Nicole- Maybe one of mom old favorites modified-

If you don't have anything nice to say shut the _____up. You pick the word.

Beth-great minds

Nicole said...

Stardust - I love that name! Thank you for everything - just perfect. St Malo? Excellent idea.

Beth and Zeb - glad you've found a saying you both like and use, what exactly does it mean though? isn't everything always just what it is?

Jerrta - Welcome back! I did know Paloma had a fabulous birthday - I remember thinking that when I got the birth announcement. She'll live a long and interesting life filled with rainbows. I hope you and O and the girls are well.

zeb said...

I use this for gravity issues like in your case is how old you are. There are plenty of things within our control that this does not apply to.

beth said...

I say it when I have no control over a situation - i.e. it could be as simple as why I haven't done laundry - if I haven't been home all day (thus unable to do laundry) then "it is what it is". It just makes me feel better saying it.