Sunday, November 02, 2008

Spoken but left unsaid

There are some truths that are more easily heard from a shadow sister in a dream. Or from a stranger over a glass of champagne in front of the fire at a chateau. Or from a ladybug meandering on the organza that covers the night table in the bedroom at the chateau.

Truths we want to believe, long to believe, even manage briefly to believe when we stop dragging around the past or reaching for the future.

Truths made of soft steel that warm you even as you feel their cold.

Truths, once heard, that change everything, forever. For good.

What's true for you?


beth said...

Some truths I know, and some I am still in the process of figuring out.

The Idle Devil said...

The biggest struggle I've had with the truth gave me the biggest gift of all - it set me free, from bad relationships, friendships and commitments.

Lorraine said...

Love. As in, "I love Nicole".

beth said...

Congratulations on your win in the US Pres. race - I'm depressed over it, but. . .congratulations to you.

Nicole said...

Beth - Me too.

TID - Which makes the struggle very worth it.

Lorraine - I love you too.

Beth - Backhanded congratulations, but thanks away.

beth said...

Really wasn't meant to be backhanded - sorry it came accross that way