Monday, January 19, 2009


No more run away weeks, because those just turn into run away months and then half the year's gone by and you wonder how that happened without your consent.

I had a lovely weekend. The boys and I went out for apéritif on Friday evening. I took them to a little restaurant/bar not far from our house and I drank red wine and ate olives and saucisson sec while they drank water and ate chicken wings and saucisson sec. We sat on a lovely couch and talked about our day. And no one told me I couldn't sit that close to the bar because I was with the kids and it's non-smoking here now so no one called child protection services on me either. I love that about this country.

Saturday we spent the night with friends and Sunday was lazy all the way around. Nothing run away about it.

This morning, as I was getting all my school stuff out of the back of my car, I noticed a plastic bag full of something. Fearing the worst (forgotten groceries or something horrible like that), I carefully opened it. 12 bags of chocolate covered hazelnut toffee that I had made at Christmas and forgotten to give away. I tasted it, it's still good, so I'm giving a bag of toffee to everyone who crosses my path today.


The Idle Devil said...

Ah, a wonderful present for you :). How was it to go out with the boys for a snack? or was it a light dinner?

beth said...

I wish I was crossing your path today. Sounds like a lovely weekend and sounds a bit like Sonoma - non smoking bars/restaurants and here children and always with their parents in the bar - it's wine country!

Christina said...

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. I did too...5 days off b/c of the snow days and MLK!! Tell the boys hi for me!

kingba said...

happy new year and long live chocolate... (paid for by your local dentists' (and yacht owners') association????
Enjoy it all one day at a time...

Julie said...

How may I cross your path, I wonder. I am missing France so much right now that I am tempted to pack The Ark into the small car and set off for the ferry port. Who knows? Maybe I'll just do it!
PS new blog location, please visit for a cyber aperitif!