Friday, January 16, 2009

The run-away week

This week has totally gotten away from me. Boy2 got the flu on Sunday so I had to cancel all my classes Monday. And I didn't have any classes Tuesday and I don't work on Wednesdays since the boys don't have school. I had big, fancy plans for all of those days. Said big, fancy plans didn't really manifest in the way I was hoping.

So when I walked into work on Thursday morning, I asked everyone how their weekend was. Common responses included:

- That was a while ago.
- I'm already planning this weekend, I hardly remember last weekend.
- Huh?

In other work related news, the heater at work is broken. It's very cold. Not quite as my house was when my heater broke, but close. I really need a new coat.


The Idle Devil said...

Doing your 8 hrs at the workplace must be a torture without the heater! Hope they fix it soon. Has your son recovered from the flu?

beth said...

two words. . .space heater - put it under your desk and it will help warm you! Hope boy2 is feeling better!!

Nicole said...

TID - It is! I think they're fixing it monday or tuesday. He's much better - thank you for asking.

Beth - I don't have my own classroom, I'm in a lot of different rooms there. But the admin people have found a few portable radiators that they've plugged in here and there.

kingba said...

Maybethat'swhere that old (quasi-/pseudo-nazi) philosophy kicks in: "if it does not kill you, it will make you stronger..." (Yeah, right, remember that when your toes fall off, frozen over....)
Good luck. Looks like 09 is not yet a whole notch above 08, but let's hope...