Sunday, January 04, 2009

The unexpected

So, I got home from London Friday evening. To a FREEZING cold house. My heater's broken and won't be fixed until Monday morning. It's about 4°C (39.2°F) inside. And about 0°C (32°F) outside. Not much of a difference. No gap to bridge.

And since we're talking about gaps and bridges, a London photo. Of Big Ben.

He talked to me in hushed tones as I walked by. He spoke of time and its illusions. His precision, and he chuckled as he said this, is anchored in nothing at all. There is no need to wait, now is already here. Nothing linear, just unfolding promises, like an origami unicorn.


ChrisSavesYouMoney said...

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kingba said...

Poetry in the cold. This girl will survive anything. Welcome to 2009, may heat return in all aspect of your life..

beth said...

No heat. . .so sorry! I will wish you warmth! Perhaps it's a good time for you to bake all those lovely goodies you always bake and heat up the house with the oven!

Nicole said...

Kingba - It is kind of an interesting transition. Happy new year to you too.

Beth - we couldn't sleep at the house this weekend, way to cold, even with the oven going. So I still haven't really been home since I got back from London. Tomorrow, hopefully.

The Idle Devil said...

Was it the house's way of welcoming you back? :) Hope the heater gets fixed soon!